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Feline Fraz Cat Pet Portrait Paintings

2010-07-04 21:49:26 by FelineFraz

Welcome to Fraser "Feline Fraz" McMillan Cat Pet Portraiture Paintings.

My name is Fraser McMillan I am a portrait artist who specialize's in cat pet portraits. I am based in Glasgow, UK. I am here to accept commission's for cat pet portraits ,UK wide. I have been painting cat's with long hard, very well persistent practice for over a year now and have been improving the quality of my paintings ever since I have originally started. I have painted every existing breed of cat in my history of sketchbook work. So if you are interested in commissioning a portrait, feel free to have a good browse around my photo albums and contact me by email: felinefrazart@hotmail.co.uk to discuss further details of commissions.

All my cat pet portraits are affordable for everyone and are created from photos to an artistic quality standard.

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Enjoy your visit on my newgrounds.

Feline Fraz Cat Pet Portrait Paintings


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2010-07-15 11:36:44

http://tessatheslut.com?id=4akmpjefzt hlvj957fr

FelineFraz responds:

I am not much interested in this shenanigans. Thanks for dropping by though.


2010-07-22 01:11:28

haha, love your stuff dude

FelineFraz responds:

Thank you kindly, My host :)


2010-07-22 02:56:04

i like your cats

FelineFraz responds:

I am glad you do, thanks :)


2010-07-30 18:21:50

My gay friend wants to know how much you charge for a commission of his feline mutt of a cat. Then I called him a froop.

.. Also you have really good pics.

FelineFraz responds:

Well the prices of my car paintings are depended on the size of canvas, the background requested for the painting, the number of cats on a painting, and delivery and postage.

For example a A3 size painting of one cat on a plain/tonal colored background would cost £50 British pounds. But as I said your friend will need to email to discuss further of prices if he has any particular details of his request for commission. Also thanks for you compliment on my paintings :)