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Feline Fraz's First Update

2010-10-03 13:53:22 by FelineFraz

Hello Newgrounders.

I just thought I would take the time to update my page, ever since its been a while and I have been keeping so inactive.

Anyways, what is going on with me is that I haven't been producing any new paintings due to the serious lack of painting materials and resources and I am facing some financial troubles at the moment, because I have been paying a lot expense towards redecorating and refurnishing my bedroom/ art studio/ art gallery, to appear at a more improved and professional look.

But rest assured I am devoting a portion of my income of money towards building up an abundance of painting materials, so then I can return to my cat painting.

Plans I have got for my cat paintings is to improve more with my artistic abilities by watching cat painting and acrylic painting tutorials online, comparing tutors skills towards mines, observing my works so far and think carefully of how to develop further with my paintings then I plan to remake my current art submissions, and paint out many creative ideas I have of art works.

That is all that I will share at the moment, so have a look at my submissions, vote and review them. Also be sure to find me on Facebook to view my entire portfolio, search "Feline Fraz Cat Pet Portraiture Paintings".

Stay Tuned. :)

Feline Fraz's First Update

Welcome to Fraser "Feline Fraz" McMillan Cat Pet Portraiture Paintings.

My name is Fraser McMillan I am a portrait artist who specialize's in cat pet portraits. I am based in Glasgow, UK. I am here to accept commission's for cat pet portraits ,UK wide. I have been painting cat's with long hard, very well persistent practice for over a year now and have been improving the quality of my paintings ever since I have originally started. I have painted every existing breed of cat in my history of sketchbook work. So if you are interested in commissioning a portrait, feel free to have a good browse around my photo albums and contact me by email: felinefrazart@hotmail.co.uk to discuss further details of commissions.

All my cat pet portraits are affordable for everyone and are created from photos to an artistic quality standard.

Follow me on Facebook.

Enjoy your visit on my newgrounds.

Feline Fraz Cat Pet Portrait Paintings